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New York State Association of Fire & Lifesafety Educators

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Regional Meeting Minutes

NY-SAFE March 18, 2017

The spring meeting of NY-SAFE was called to order by President Reed at 9:15 am, following the pledge of allegiance.
Treasurer’s report: Rick reported that we have taken in 980.00 so far this year. Full report attached to this report. A motion to accept his report as read was made by Tom Burns seconded by Bob R motion passed. Minutes from the previous meeting were emailed to all and accepted as read.
Membership: Bob reports that we have 178 members. A full report is attached to this report. Motion by Tom to accept as read was made seconded by Rich F motion passed.
Past president: Tom reported that he and Frank had not made the last two Joint council meeting however they will make the next one.
Tom brought up the 125th anniversary of the Fireman’s home and museum on May 20th, there will be a antique fire apparatus parade and a muster. They are having a auction to which Tom donated several items some of which will remain at the museum due to the rarity of the items.
Vice presidents Report: Not much going on. No feelers from anyone wanting to take over a director. He has been working with the girls from Oak Hill Durham doing fire prevention.
The next joint council meeting is 4/13 at the Colonie training center, he will be attending.
Jerry: sent no report other than he is working on the curriculum for the home safety classes. Bob spoke with him and he is in talks with the sheriff dept about the last component.
Steve Y: has been staying local with his fire safety for the deaf and hard of hearing. His foundation is promoting NY-SAFE. Joe Nemier is trying to get the program into the Tully High School and Steve will help him.
Frank: sent a report saying that things were slow in his area.
Tim T; couldn’t make the meeting due to an injury he suffered at work, and that he has not been able to do to much. He also said that he is scheduled for surgery at the end of April and would not be able to attend the Pub Ed conference. We wish him the best for a speedy recovery.
Al H. no report sent. Bob will reach out to him and find out his intentions of staying on the board, in the mean time Bob will ask around that area and see if someone else would be interested. Bob will also ask around at the Pub Ed conference for several of the openings we have currently.
Presidents report: Not much going on. He did an interview with a local tv station about the home safety legislation. It went into effect on January 2017. Bob offered NY-SAFE’S assistance moving it forward. Jerry is working on the curriculum to offer to insurance company.
Web site: many have had problems getting on and making changes. Send anything you have to Bob and he will make the changes.
Facebook: Lisa stated that it gets lots of hits when she posts things on there. She forwards things from FASNY and state chiefs.
Membership applications need updating and Bob R will make the changes and have them for Pub Ed in May.
Booth: Lisa reported that the space for Turning Stone is all set. Rich, Steve, Tom, and Frank have said they will be there to help out. The booth will also be up at the Pub Ed conference starting on Thursday afternoon. Bob is looking into having it at Erie county fair at no cost. Lisa was able to get key tags and note pads and pens from alert all once again. After some discussion it was decided to order key tags from alert all with 30 in the middle representing our years of service. Tom made the motion to purchase them with a cost not to exceed 350.00 Steve seconded the motion, motion passed. They should have a one week turn around. They will be handed out at State Chiefs in June.
Tom; would like to see all members of the joint council get together and support each others legislative agendas. A short PSA might be a good idea to bring fire safety to the forefront. Rich will bring the idea to the next meeting.
Home safety discount program: Bob is checking to see what it would take to for the program Jerry is working on to be considered. Insurance companies are now taking applications. Tom thought we should have some one look it over and have them incur the cost of having it certified giving us a kick back. Maybe not money but at least recognition for NY-SAFE producing it. Maybe a donation if they use it. Bob will check with Jerry and encourage him to finish it. And maybe shop around for and insurance company to sponsor it possibly VFIS.
Elections: President Bob Reed Vice President: Rich Frasco Jerry: west central Bob Reineke: Membership secretary Al: western Frank: eastern Rick Nemier: Treasurer Lisa Shellman: Secretary
Tom Burns made the motion that anyone running for office get either a written note or a verbal commitment to Lisa Rick Nemier seconded motion passed.
Annual Budget: Rick will have a budget to present to the board at the annual meeting in May. The annual meeting will be held Friday May 5th in the auditorium at the fire academy at 5:00pm.
Rich F made a motion to pay all bills associated with the meeting seconded by Rick N motion passed. Thank you to the Honeoye Falls Fire Dept for hosting us. Motion to adjourn was made by Bob Reineke seconded by Rick N motion passed. Adjourned 11:40 am
Respectfully submitted Lisa Shellman, Secretary NY-SAFE

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