2018 Regional Minutes


MARCH 20, 2018

Meeting held on Tuesday March 20th, 2018 at Colonie Training Center. Meeting opened at 1004 hours with a salute to the flag led by John Farrell and an opening prayer for sick and departed members led by Ken Palmer. MMSPVV to accept minutes of previous meeting printed and distributed with corrections.

MMSPVV to accept treasures report as read, $1723.83 in account

Chairmen’s report: Chairman Jacobowitz thanked all for attending.

OFPC: Chief Jim Cable of OFPC reported proposed capital projects at Montour Falls includes building renovations, apparatus building constructing and parking lot renovations. Swift- water evolution project near completion in Oriskany. Newly trained personnel to be assigned to Oriskany for all training evolutions. Possible meeting in Oriskany to tour and inspect swift- water evolution. Haz-mat training in April in Montour Falls, 21 in training class, five year arson special ops.

NYS Chiefs: Association all set for Turning Stone in June, moving to Syracuse in 2019. Chiefs are out of the hotel business and are using Syracuse training center for conference in 2019. Working on producing white paper at Oswego College on millennials. Working on proposals in counties for merges and consolidation. Sprinkler grant program growing by using PSA’S. EMS cost recovery bill moving forward. Legislative Day, May 15th, shorter program, meeting room 7 in Egg.

NYS Fire Coordinators: No report

NYS Fire Districts: Dennis Grenele new Region 11 Director. Annual meeting at workshop in April in Albany. Numerous by-law changes to be presented to membership. Looking to have volunteer resource summit to discuss problems with volunteer fire service needing solutions and proposals to many concerns. United concerns issues being worked on. On-site commissioner training around state, one in June. Regional training in Regions 5 & 6 and will have others around the state. Fall workshop in Niagara Falls in 2019.

NYS FIRE SAFETY EDUCATORS: May 4th- 6 annual Public Education Training in Montour Falls.

NYS FIRE POLICE: Frank Guarino under the weather. May 3-6 Fire Police conference in Niagara Falls, Oct 12-13 in No. Queensbury. Spring meeting March 1-2, 2019 in Newburgh. Fire Police training class went well in Montour Falls. 21 hour course still being used around state, 4 hour refresher class for Fire Police has limited availability.

NYS FIRE CHAPLAINS; Annual meeting April 15-18 in Plainview, LI. “Tolerance” theme for conference, will visit holocaust museum in Glen Cove. Recruiting chaplains across the state to be trained as volunteer chaplains to help all fire service around the state. Lay chaplains can be used, we will train them.

FASNY: Annual convention Aug. 8-11. Registration forms available with July 10 cutoff for housing and training forums. May 1st, cutoff for request for convention booth. Working on cancer gap insurance, RFP process nearing completion with 4 proposals being considered. Each insurance company will take physicals from departments and premium will be under $300. Committee is aware of precise timeline for districts budget concerns. Recruit NY April 28-29, all info on line. Recruit vehicle on the road and will be at community, fire and EMS events across the state. Working on new commercials, “Is There a Fire in You” for the SAFER Grant.

NFFF: 13 Line-of-Duty Deaths to date. Cardiac seminar in Washington. NFFF studying effects of firefighting on fire fighters during alarms, will produce white paper discussing this major health issue. Requesting response policies of departments to be sent to Shawn Brimhall. Drop out in academy class due to fitness concerns. NFPA 3000 out for public comments. Discussing emergency fire response to incidents, traffic incidents and proposing stay clear action, ability to move vehicles at accident scenes occurring without injury.


NEW BUSINESS: MMSPVV to send gift to Frank Guarino. MMSPVV to adjourn meeting at 1120 hours

Next meeting Wednesday May 16th, 2018 at the Colonie Training Center, we will use the building on the west end of the facility.

Respectfully submitted, Robert McConville, Council Secretary